09/02/04 Trying to Maintain Taper

Sep 2, 2004
09/02/04  Trying to Maintain Taper

I'm trying to maintain my taper from USMS LCM Nationals so that our women's 200+ medley relay can make another attempt to break the world record for our age group. We just missed it at Nationals, and we've been trying to arrange a time trial (easier said than done for LCM in New England in September). So we've all been trying to hold on to our tapers. I've been doing a lot of tether work, and today did this practice, focusing on fast 50s.WARMUP:15 minutes of water running, then400, alternating 100 free and 100 back, with some EZ breast kick thrown in.KICK SET: 200 + 1004 X 50 Breast kick with a board on 1:30 sendoff -- descend, and with 8 Rocket Launchers before each 50. (Went :55 :53 :48 :46)100 EZ free/backDRILL SET: 150 + 1003 X 50 Breast Drill/Breast Swim on 1:00 sendoff - descend. Drills were UW Breast Kick, Breast with an Extra Kick, and Breast Breathing Every Other Stroke. (Went :44 :43 :42)100 EZ free/backSWIM SET: 100 + 1002 X 50 Breast on 2:00 sendoff -- descend. (Went :40 :39)100 EZ free/backSTART SET: 100 + 1004 X 25 Breast from the blocks on 2:00 (Went :16 on all of them)100 EZ WarmdownTotal Yardage: 1350

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