09/09/03 CCB Masters Appreciating the Little Things in Life

Sep 9, 2003
09/09/03  CCB Masters  Appreciating the Little Things in Life

09/09/03 CCB Masters Appreciating theLittle Things in LifeIn each of the sets today, you'll start by doing something to slow yourself down -- for example, not pushing off the wall (first set) or not being able to use your arms for propulsion (second set). Then you'll add things -- for example, a pushoff or rotation -- that will make you really APPRECIATE them. By the final 100 in each round of the main set, your reaction will probably be something like, "Swimming! Yes! Bring it on!" WARMUP: ??With fins. Alternate 50 of any Short-Axis drill with 50 of any Long-Axis drill.WARMUP SET: 40016 X 25 with 4 bobs recovery between each 25ODDS: No Pushoff. Start from a dead drift, in layout position, with feet at the wall. Do a fast, quick (not BIG) flutter kick to get yourself started, and use rotation (not a big arm pull) to start swimming.EVENS: Pushoff, and use a fast, quick flutter kick to accelerate into the breakout and into your first few strokes, then ease off for the rest of the 25. ODDS & EVENS: As you swim, accentuate the kick each time your hand enters the water and extends forward. You'll be using a 6-beat kick, but accentuate 2 of the 6 kicks. MAIN SET: 1400Swim 4 times through the following:1 X 1501 X 1001 X 100Recovery between each swim is 4 to 5 bobs.1 X 150 = 50 alternating 6-Count Backstroke and Nose Up/Nose Down + 50 alternating 6-Count Backstroke and Single Switch + 50 alternating 6-Count Backstroke and Triple Switch. Focus on pointing your toes on the kick and keeping the kick within the shadow of your body. Notice how good it feels to be able to rotate when you get to Triple Switch. And notice how much speed it generates!1 X 100 = Long-Axis Combo (alternate 4 stroke Free and 3 strokes Back). Focus on rotating smoothly and quickly from one stroke to the other.1 X 100 = 25 Back + 25 Free + 25 Back + 25 FreeJust enjoy being able to SWIM. Catch your time on these swim 100s and try to descend them from round to round.WARMDOWN: 100100 EZ swimTotal Yardage: 1900, not including warmupOn the 150

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