09/21/04 CCB Masters Stroke-Count 200s

Sep 22, 2004
09/21/04 CCB Masters  Stroke-Count 200s

WARMUP: 400400 your choice on your ownWARMUP/DRILL SET: 300Swim 2 rounds of the following:50 Kick/Pull (Kick flutter kick on your back with hands at sides and rotate side to side.)50 Drill/Swim (Drill is 4-4-4- Free: 4 strokes Fingertip Drag, 4 strokes High-Elbow Free, 4 strokes Overarm Free)50 SwimMAIN SET: 1200/900Fast and middle lane swimmers do 4 rounds of the following. Slower lane does 3 rounds.200 Free Count strokes on each length and try to maintain same count throughout4 X 25 Free at N-2 (2 strokes less than your count on the 200) Do 4 or 5 bobs after each 25.There are a couple of goals to the set. First, you should try to descend your times on the 200s. Take enough rest after the 25s to let you do this. Second goal is to hold stroke count throughout the 200s. Third goal is to do everything you can to go N-2 on the 25s. Better streamline. Longer glide. Better head position. The 25s are a recovery, but they also pull your stroke back into alignment and prepare you for the next 200.SPEED SET: 200Swim two rounds of the following. First round is Free. Second round is choice.With fins:50 EZ on 1:002 X 25 FAST on :40Don't worry about your stroke count on the fast 25s. Just let it go. No breathing till at least the second stroke, and no breathing from the flags in to the wall.WARMDOWN: 200200 EZTotal Yardage: 2300/2000

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