09-21-06 UV Rays Masters Short & Easy Sets

Sep 20, 2006
09-21-06 UV Rays Masters  Short & Easy Sets

We've been out of the water for up to 5 weeks, so we are slowly getting back into it.SHOULDER EXERCISES300 EASY WARMUP YOUR CHOICE & ANY EQUIPMENT#1 NekkedIn the shallow end, push off one by one in STREAMLINE. Hold your streamline and rise to the surface in balance. No swimming! Try to get as far as you can on the pushoff, then come back to the wall. Do 4 of these.#2 Nekked8 X 25 freestyle with 4 bobs as recovery between each 25.FOCUS: Super streamline, then kick into your breakout and start swimming.#3 Nekked100 EASY EASY breaststroke#4 Fins200 alternating 25 flutter kick on your back and 25 of 2L/2R backstroke#5 Fins4 X 50 @ approx. :20 RISwim each 50 as 25 free/25 back.Focus: Streamline pushoffs!#6 Nekked100 EASY EASY breaststroke#7 Nekked8 X 25 freestyle with 4 bobs recoveryCount strokes and hold same count on each 25.#8 Fins200 alternating 25 body-dolphin breast and 25 dolphin kick on your back#9 Fins8 X 25 freestyle with 4 bobs recoveryFocus: Swim easy and LONG. For a brief moment in each stroke, try to be extended as far as possible from lead fingertip to exiting fingertip.

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