09/22/05 CCB Masters Two Stroke-Count Sets

Sep 22, 2005
09/22/05 CCB Masters   Two Stroke-Count Sets

The idea on this practice is that you will be focusing on stroke count until about the last 10 minutes, when you will forget about stroke count and just swim FAST. By the time you get to the fast swims, your stroke should be long and efficient, and you should have sharpened up your pushoffs and streamlines in order to get your stroke count down in the early part of the set. The fast swims should feel easy and relaxed. Controlled speed.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownWARMUP/KICK SET: 2004 X 50Odds: Flutter kick on back with pull buoy. Focus on small, fast kick with pointed toes.Evens: Your choice Free or Back. Focus on small, fast kick with pointed toes.STROKE-COUNT SET #1: 90012 X 75 Freestyle on :20 to :25 RIFirst 6 X 75 are with fist goves; second 6 X 75 are nekked hands.Count total strokes on the first 75 (with fistgloves). Your goal on the set is to take off one stroke on each of the 75s. E.g., if total count on first 75 is 60 strokes, the second 75 should be 59 strokes, etc. Keep knocking off strokes when you take off the gloves.RECOVERY: 200200 with fins, alternating dolphin kick on back and dolphin kick on stomach, by 25.STROKE-COUNT SET #2: 600Swim the entire set with fins.6 X 100 FreeOdds: Count strokes on first length of first 100. Take off one stroke on each of the next three lengths, e.g., your count might be 16, 15, 14, 13.Evens: Don't count strokes on any of these. Just let it flow.1st even = 100 free at 65% effort2nd even = 2 X 50 free at 80% effort3rd even = 4 X 25 at 90% effortWARMDOWN: 100 to 200EZ warmdownTotal Yardage: 2400/2500

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