1/6/03 CCB Masters Short Stuff

Dec 30, 2003
1/6/03  CCB Masters   Short Stuff

1/6/03 CCB Masters Short StuffHappy New Year! I wanted to keep the intervals short today, just in case you didn't have much chance to swim or workout over the holidays.WARMUP: 400Fins optional. Swim 400 your choice.WARMUP SET: With fins.16 X 25 in IM order, 4 times through. (FLY/BACK/BREAST/FREE)No matter what stroke you are swimming, take 6 dolphins into your breakout, and focus on sending your energy FORWARD (not UP) on your breakout. Fast lane (and maybe middle lane) on :30 sendoff. Slower lanes on about :35 sendoff.MAIN SET #1: 1000Fins NO. Kickboards YES.On the 50s, focus on a fast, tight tuck on your turns. Try to descend each set of 50s, i.e., swim each one a little bit faster than the last.4 X 25 flutter kick on :454 X 50 (25 Back + 25 Free) on approx. :20 Rest Interval (RI)4 X 25 breaststroke kick on :454 X 50 (25 Breast + 25 Free) on approx. :20 RI4 X 25 flutter kick on :456 X 50 Freestyle on approx. :20 RIMAIN SET #2: VariableWith fins.Do as many 250 "IMs" as you have time for...leaving yourself about 4 minutes for warmdown at the end of practice. Here's how to swim the 250 IMs. Each one is 10 lengths of continuous swimming...25 FLY + 25 BACK + 25 BODY-DOLPHIN BREAST + 25 FLY + 25 BACK + 25 BODY-DOLPHIN BREAST + 100 FREE WARMDOWN: 200200 EZ warmdownTotal Yardage: 2100 to 2600, depending on your speed

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