10/01/03 IM and Breaststroke

Oct 1, 2003
10/01/03   IM and Breaststroke

10/01/03 IM and BreaststrokeWARMUP: 500With fins.200 "Head-Lead" Drill IM200 "Hand-Lead" Drill IM100 "Combo" Drill IMMAIN SETS: 1600Main Set #1: 1000Swim 4 times through the following. Keep the swim 50s on a 1:00 sendoff. Take 15 to 20 seconds rest after each 50 sculling. No break between rounds.1 X 50 (25 FL + 25 BK)1 X 50 (25 BK + 25 BR)1 X 50 sculling with pull buoy (25 scull on back + 25 prone scull to practice breaststroke insweep)1 X 50 BR1 X 50 (25 BR + 25 FR)MAIN SET #2: 600Swim 4 times through the following set -- 1st round fly, 2nd round back, 3rd round breast, 4th round free. I did the fly swims as 25s, taking 3 strokes no-breath fly then switch to freestyle.2 X 25 stroke kick with 4 bobs recovery2 X 50 stroke on 1:00 sendoff, focus on small fast kick to breakout on back and free...small powerful kick on breast pullout and first kick.ZONE SET: 800Don't worry about speed or sendoffs on these two 400-yard swims. Just focus on what you're trying to do.With fins:Alternate 25 Underwater Body Dolphin + 25 Dolphin Kick on Your Back -- for 400 yards. Focus on letting hands, arms, torso, knees, and feet slip through ONE HOLE on the UW 25s.With fins and paddles:Alternate 25 Body-Dolphin Breast focus on hands out of the water on recovery + 25 Dolphin Kick on Your Back -- for 400 yards.WARMDOWN: 200Alternate 25 EZ back with 25 EZ freeTotal Yardage: 3100

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