10/03/03 Breaststroke Till You Drop

Oct 3, 2003
10/03/03   Breaststroke Till You Drop

10/03/03 Breaststroke Till You DropI've been in my hometown of Wooster, Ohio, this week and have been working out on my own at the GORGEOUS high school pool (would you believe 50 meters indoors). They break it down to 25 yards and a big teaching pool. When I work out on my own, I like to do a lot of breaststroke. I had a 3000-yard set in mind today, but after completing about three quarters of it, I bailed because my arms were getting tired and my technique started to fall apart. I figure sometimes it's better to quit while you're ahead. If I did this practice again, I'd substitute 3 X 300 for the 5 X 100 in each round.WARMUP: 500With fins.200 IM where 1st 25 of each stroke is a Head-Lead drill and 2nd 25 of each stroke is STROKE.200 IM as above except use Hand-Lead drills100 IMMAIN SET: 3000Swim 3 rounds of the following:5 X 100 with fins, swum as 25 Underwater Slinky + 25 Body-Dolphin Breast + 25 Underwater Slinky + 25 Body-Dolphin Breast Take 25 to 30 seconds rest after each one. I was going on 2:15 sendoff. Focus on getting your body, hips, and legs to flow through ONE HOLD on the underwater lengths. Focus on keeping elbows and hands in power position on the insweep on the above-water lengths.250 breaststroke kick (twice through 25 UW Breast Kick + 25 Hand-Lead Kick on Your Back + 25 Hand-Lead Kick on Your Stomach + 25 Head-Lead Kick on Your Back + 25 Head-Lead Kick on Your Stomach) Focus on finishing your kick, no matter what position you're in.5 X 50 swum as 25 drill + 25 Breast with 9 bobs as recovery between 50s.1st 50 drill = UW Breast Kick2nd 50 drill = One Up/Two Down3rd 50 drill = Body-Dolphin Breast4th 50 drill = Breathe Every Other Stroke5th 50 drill = UW BreaststrokeRound #1: With fistglovesRound #2: Nekked handsRound #3: With Zura paddles.WARMDOWN: 200200 EZ swim alternating 25 Back and 25 FreeTotal Yardage: 3700, except that I bailed after the 100s in the 3rd round, so I did 3200.

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