10/05/04 CCB Masters 50s on the 5th

Oct 5, 2004
10/05/04 CCB Masters  50s on the 5th

WARMUP: 400400 or ten minutes your choice on your ownMAIN SET:I wanted to get in the water and work with some of the newer swimmers this morning on turns and dolphining, so I thought the easiest thing for the rest of the group would be 50s.Set #1: 300Swim 2 rounds of:50 Kick (with pull buoy or board, your choice)50 Pull50 SwimRound #1: FreestyleRound #2: ChoiceTHis is a warmup set, so take about :15 rest after each 50.SET #2: 3006 X 50 on :1:00 sendoff. Swim these as 25 Free/25 Back, with a straight-over flip at the wall.SET #3: 300With fins.Swim 2 rounds of:50 Fly/Back50 Back/Breast50 Breast/FreeSET #4: 500Without taking a break, swim:4 X 50 on 1:00 (or approx :20 RI)3 X 50 on :552 X 50 on :501 X 50 on :45By the end of the above set, try to have an idea of how many strokes you're taking per length.SET #5: 600Without taking a break, swim through the following 12 X 50. Our swimmers did this as a freestyle set on 1:00 sendoff. Here's how to swim the 50s:3 X 50 at your average stroke count from the above set and at your fastest time from the above set PLUS 6 seconds. E.g., if your average stroke count (N) was 18 spl and your fastest time in SET #4 was :40, then you swim these 3 X 50 at 36 total strokes and in :46 seconds.3 X 50 at N-1 spl (i.e., 34 total strokes in the above example) and fastest time plus 4 seconds3 X 50 at N-2 spl and fastest time plus 2 seconds3 X 50 at N-3 spl and fastest timeThe goal is to swim faster on each set of 3 X 50, but to do it by taking fewer strokes. You will need to get more efficient on your turns, pushoffs, and breakouts as the set progresses. You'll need to get more out of each stroke. You'll need to streamline better through the set.WARMDOWN: 100100 EZTotal Yardage: 2500

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