10/30/03 CCB Masters Flip Flops

Oct 30, 2003
10/30/03  CCB Masters   Flip Flops

10/30/03 CCB Masters Flip FlopsJust wanted to create a fun practice that incorporated some intense bursts of flutter kicking and dolphin kicking. WARMUP: 400With fins.Alternate 50 of any short-axis drill with 50 of any long-axis drill.MAIN SET: 2000Swim 4 rounds of the following. See below for explanation of the asterisks ***. Take 25 to 30 seconds rest after the 100s; 25 to 20 seconds rest after the 50s; 10 to 14 seconds rest between the non-kick 25s.1 X 100 freestyle except 3rd length is *** 1 X 100 of *** except 3rd length is freestyle2 X 25 FAST kick with kickboard on :501 X 50 (25 of *** + 25 freestyle)1 X 50 (25 freestyle + 25 ***)2 X 25 FAST kick with kickboard on :504 X 25 alternating *** and freestyle1st round: *** is backstroke and kicks are flutter 2nd round: *** is breaststroke and kicks are breaststroke3rd round: Wear fins. *** is Stoneskipper and kicks are dolphin4th round: Wear fins. *** is Dolphin Kick on Your Back and kicks are dolphin5th round (if you have time): Wear fins. *** is Body-Dolphin Fly and kicks are flutterWARMDOWN: 100100 EZ swimTotal Yardage: 2500

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