10/31/06 UV Rays Masters 125s Free with IM Mix

Oct 30, 2006
10/31/06 UV Rays Masters   125s Free with IM Mix

WARMUP: 400/10 minutes choiceTRIATHLON SET: 100 With fins:4 X 25 FR First half of each 25 is head up wide entry. Second half of each length is head in wide entry.FIN SET: 200 8 X 25Start each length with at least 4 UW dolphin kicks, into a flutter-kick breakout, then swim EZ free or back (your choice).MAIN SET: 1500 + 200No break on this. Swim everything straight through. The 75s are all on a 1:30 sendoff, 125s are on 1:45 or 1:50. The 50s are on 1:00. Descend time on the 125s (so start EZ!!!).75 FL125 FR75 BK125 FR75 BR125 FR75 FR125 FR50 FL125 FR50 BK125 FR50 BR125 FR50 FR125 FR200 EZ recovery your choice of equipmentKICK SET: 2008 X 25 kick with kickboardOdds: Flutter kickEvens: Breast kick (focus on finishing each kick)WARMDOWN: 200200 EZ your choice Total Yardage: 2800For the middle lanes, we modified the main set so that it was 50 stroke/100 free, then 25 stroke/100 free. For the beginner lanes we modified the main set by swimming twice through the following:25 2L/2R Fly75 Free25 Back75 Free25 Breast75 Free25 Free75 Free

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