11/01/05 CCB Masters Roll On

Nov 1, 2005
11/01/05  CCB Masters   Roll On

Today was the last practice day for Tom, before he heads to Ironman Florida. So we did the 4 X 25 in his honor, and made him swim in a different lane on each 25, so that everybody would have a chance to swim over top of him.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownIRONMAN SET: 1004 X 25 Free, swimming 3 abreast in each lane. Rough it up. This is practice for the traithlon start.MAIN SET: 18004 X 75 BK/BR/FR on approx. :25 RI Rolling 25 kick of stroke, i.e. on first 75, you do 25 BK kick, 25 BR swim, 25 FR swim. Next 75 is 25 BK swim, 25 BR kick, 25 FR swim, etc. Fourth 75 is all swim.4 X 200 Free on approx. :40 RI. Rolling 50 of backstroke, i.e., on first 200, swim the first 50 as backstroke. On the second 200, swim the second 50 as backstroke. Etc.4 X 75 FL/BK/BR Rolling 25 kick of stroke. Final 75 is swim.4 X 100 Free on approx. :20 RI. Rolling 25 of backstroke. Depending on time available, some lanes did these 100s with fins.WARMDOWN: 300300 EZ Freestyle - Single-Arm Paddle drill: 100 wearing left-hand paddle; 100 wearing right-hand paddle; 100 wearing both paddles. Wear pull buoy throughout.Total Yardage: approx. 2600

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