11/01/06 Inside-Out Roll Pull Set BR & FR

Nov 1, 2006
11/01/06   Inside-Out Roll Pull Set BR & FR

Did this in a 20-yard pool.WARMUP: 640With Zura Alpha fins:80 dolphin80 flutter80 dolphin200 free/backNo equipment: 200 EZ breast kick all positionsKICK SET: 40010 X 40 with 7 Rocket Launchers before each 40Odds: Zura Sidekick...20 eggbeater + 20 flutterEvens: Pull buoy...20 UW breast kick + 20 flutter kick on backINSIDE-OUT PULL SET: 2000Wear a pull buoy for the entire set. Did all open turns, working on pointing the toes and crossing the feet during the tuck. On freestyle pull, bump up your breathing pattern [did every 2...ever 3]. Focus on taking first freestyle pull with the bottom hand. Focus on getting to streamline on breaststroke. On the breaststroke pull, alternated 20 pull/20 whole-stroke breast.5 X 200 on :20 RI#1: 40 FR + 160 BR#2: 40 BR...40 FR...120 BR#3: 80 BR...40 FR...80 BR#4: 120 BR...40 FR...40 BR#5: 160 BR...40 FREZ 100 recovery5 X 200 on :20 RIReverse the pattern from above, i.e., most of the yardage is FR. The 40 BR travels.WARMDOWN: 100 EZTotal Yardage: approx. 3100

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