11/02/04 Election-Day Practice

Nov 2, 2004
11/02/04  Election-Day Practice

Here's a main set for election day. Pretend that the entries on the right (distances) are offices that have to be filled. There are four candidates: FAST Freestyle, Kick (your choice), Pull (your choice), and IM. By the end of the set, all the candidates have to fill all the offices at least once. The order in which you have them do that is up to you. What you see below is the order that we came up with this morning. Sendoffs are VERY democratic. Just decide with your lanemates when you should start each interval. WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownMAIN SET: 18001 X 100 PULL2 X 75 KICK3 X 50 FAST FREE4 X 25 IM1 X 100 IM2 X 75 FAST FREE3 X 50 PULL4 X 25 KICK1 X 100 FAST FREE2 X 75 IM (FL/BK/FR...BK/BR/FR)3 X 50 KICK4 X 25 PULL1 X 100 KICK2 X 75 PULL3 X 50 IM (FL/BK...BK/BR...BR/FR) (we wore fins)4 X 25 FAST FREE (we wore fins and raced each other)WARMDOWN: 100 EZTotal Yardage: 2300

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