11/07/06 UV Rays Masters Live Free or Die

Nov 6, 2006
11/07/06 UV Rays Masters  Live Free or Die

The UV Rays are based in Lebanon, New Hampshire. So...in honor of Election Day and in keeping with the New Hampshire state motto, "Live Free or Die," today's practice contains a lot of CHOICE. Enjoy. And don't forget to vote! WARMUP: 400400/10 minutes your choiceTRIATHLON SET: 3004 X 25 freeRun in the shallow end…swim in the deep end. Focus on a smooth, GRACEFUL, and forward-moving transition into each new position.200 freestyle, practicing foot drafting. Switch positions after each 50.MAIN SET #1: 800/600 + 100Make this an aerobic rather than an anaerobic set. No matter what stroke you’re swimming, keep it LOOONG and at 60 to 75% effort.Lane #1 does 6 X 100 instead of 4 X 200, but do them in the same way as described below. 2 X 200 on approx. :40 RI First 100 is free; second 100 is choice (IM is OK).2 X 200 on approx. :40 RIFirst 100 is choice (IM is OK); second 100 is free.100 EZ kick (choice) recoveryMAIN SET #2: 5005 X 100 choice of stroke (but all 5 should be the same stroke) on approx. :30 RI#1: Wear fistgloves and set the Tempo Trainer at a comfortable, long cadence#2: Wear fistgloves and take :05 off the TT#3: Wear fistgloves and take :05 off the TT#4: Wear fistgloves and take :05 off the TT#5: Take off the gloves and take another :05 off the TT. This one is FAST – 95 % effort!!!PULL SET: 100/200/300Depending on how much time we have – to leave time for starts and a relay – 100, 200, or 300 pull your choice of stroke or mix of strokes (try something other than freestyle!). If you do freestyle, breathe every 2…every 3 or every 3…every 5.STARTS/RELAYS TO GET READY FOR NEM Championships

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