11-09-06 UV Rays Masters Stroke Count and Precision

Nov 8, 2006
11-09-06 UV Rays Masters  Stroke Count and Precision

At our last few practices, the focus has been on distance and tempo. While this has been beneficial, I've noticed that form and precision have NOT been the focus points. So today's practice goes back to short distances, with the focus on controlling stroke count -- which means that the swimmers have to control things such as pushoff, breakout, body position, and finish. Toward the end of practice, we added some controlled speed to the focus.WARMUP: 400400/10 minutes your choice, on your ownTRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 First half of each length is head-out breaststroke, then switch to Free.KICK SET: 200Alternate 25 hand-lead breast kick on your stomach/25 hand-lead flutter kick on your back. Focus on your BODY POSITION when you touch the wall. On breast, be in streamline with eyes DOWN and hands outstretched. On flutter kick, touch with the palm DOWN.MAIN SET: 1000 + 200Choose one or two things to focus on during the set. Possibilities:Plant your feet (don’t stab) on the pushoff.Touch with fingertips, not the palm.Touch with hand and head under waterTouch with eyes down.Practice breath control – using race-day breathing patterns.Fast kick into each breakout.Don’t breathe on first stroke off the walls.4 X 25 brisk pace Count strokes and use your average as “N.”4 X (3 X 25)1st 25 @ N minus 2 strokes2nd 25 @ N minus 13rd 25 @ N2 X (3 X 50)1st 50 @ N minus 2 on each length2nd 50 @ N minus 13rd 50 @ N4 X 75Each 75 is N-2…N-1…N200 EZ with fins. Focus on body position when you touch the wall.SPEED SET #1: 200 + 2004 X 50 build each 50…on :30 RIBring the kick in as you increase speed. Feel relaxed and in control as the speed increases. Hide your effort.200 EZ with fins. Focus on clean turns and pushoffs.SPEED SET #2: 1004 X 25 FAST on :10 RIWARMDOWN: 200200 EZ with 3 starts from the blocks at the end.Total Yardage: 2600 if you do entire practice

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