11/15/05 CCB Masters 200s Descend

Nov 15, 2005
11/15/05 CCB Masters  200s Descend

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownMAIN SET: 2000You'll be swimming five 200s freestyle in this set, but not all at once; there are some 25s in between. Descend your time on each of the 200s. The first one should feel really EZ, then start cranking it up. Our fastest lane descended their times by about 15 to 20 seconds on the first four 200s. Our middle lane descended by about 20 seconds, with one woman descending by 35 seconds on the first four 200s. Our slowest lane did 150s instead of 200s.The focus point on all of the 200s was distance off the walls. See if you can reach the flags with your hands -- of even clear the flags with your feet -- before you start swimming.All of the 200s except the 5th 200 are no equipment. All of the 25s are with fins.200 Free16 X 25 "fly" on :35, swum as four rounds of the following (focus on steady body rhythm):2L/2R1L/1R1L/1R/2 Body-Dolphin Breast (Karla drill from Go Swim Breast Drills with Stitts & Denniston)3 Body Dolphins/3 strokes Fly/Freestyle200 Free12 X 25 "Back" on :35, swum as three rounds of the following (focus on thumb out/pinky in):Left arm onlyRight arm only2L/2RWhole-stroke Backstroke200 Free8 X 25 "Breast" on :35, swum as two rounds of the following:4 dolphins/1 pull3 dolphins/1 pull2 dolphins/1 pull1 dolphin/1 pull200 Free4 X 25 Free on :30, do AT LEAST 3 body dolphins off each wall before you start to swim200 Free with fins (this is Fast, not EZ)WARMDOWN: 100100 EZTotal Yardage: 2500/2250

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