11/16/04 CCB Masters 400-300-200-100

Nov 16, 2004
11/16/04 CCB Masters   400-300-200-100

Glenn sent me a still photo recently of one of the elite swimmers with whom we're making a video. This swimmer is a freestyler, and the photo was taken from directly underneath him as he was swimming. This swimmer gets incredible extension. But more than that, he gets incredible extension in BOTH directions simultaneously. This photo showed him with the lead arm fully extended and the the rear arm fully extended. I've been keeping this image in my head as a swim, and today I showed the photo to my Masters group and asked them to keep the image in THEIR heads as they did their 400s. Here's what we did.WARMUP: 40010 minutes or 400 on your own.MAIN SET: 2000Swim twice through the following. Make your 2nd 200 free faster than your first 200 free. 1 X 400 with fins, alternating 25 Hand-Lead Dolphin on Your Back and 25 Freestyle, trying to extend the hands in both directions.1 X 300 pull, with a B+1 breathing pattern (normal breathing pattern plus 1 stroke). Breaststrokers alternated 25 free and 25 breast with pull buoy between legs.1 X 200 Free for time. Make this a strong, controlled effort.1 X 100 kick, your choiceWARMDOWN: 200200 EZTotal Yardage: 2600

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