11/16/06 UV Rays Masters 200 Pace

Nov 17, 2006
11/16/06 UV Rays Masters   200 Pace

A lot of our swimmers are getting ready for SCM Championships next month, so this practice was designed to help them develop a sense of pace for 200 races. The final set is designed to help them start to add SPEED to their training.WARMUP: 400TRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 free, swim 3 abreast in each laneWARMUP/DRILL SET: 200Fastest lanes did two rounds of this. Other lanes did one round.1 X 50 3L/3R freestyle, focus on reaching full extension forward1 X 50 2L/2R freestyle, same focus1 X 50 free, focus on reaching full extension1 X 50 free, focus on keeping one goggle in when you breatheMAIN SET: 1000 + 200The idea here is to use the 50s to get a sense of pace for your 200 races. Your focus is on the 50s. The 200s are in there to get you a bit fatigued -- before the next 50. Try to descend your time on the 50s.1 X 200: 150 free + 50 back1 X 50 choice @ 60% effort1 X 200: 100 free + 100 back1 X 50 choice @ 70% effort1 X 200: 50 free + 150 back1 X 50 choice @ 80% effort1 X 200: 200 free1 X 50 choice @ 90% effort200 EZ recovery, your choiceBUILD SET: 300This set is choice. Swim twice through the following (fastest lanes did 4 times through):1 X 25: start with solid pushoff, then break out into 3 cycles of FAST swimming, then shut down for the rest of the length1 X 50: build speed from easy to fastWARMDOWN: 200At least 200

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