11/25/03 Getting Ready for IM

Nov 25, 2003
11/25/03  Getting Ready for IM

11/25/03 Getting Ready for ImI'm entered in the Colonies Zones meet on Dec 6-7. I'm swimming all of the breaststroke events, plus the 400 IM, so I've been doing a lot of IM in practice. Here's what I did today. I had only about 40 minutes to swim, so I tried to keep the intensity level high.WARMUP: 500With fins.Alternate 75 backstroke/25 free for 500 yards.MAIN SET: 1600With fins.All of the 25s are on :30 sendoff. The 100s IM are on decreasing sendoffs. I also tried to descend my times within each set of 3 X 100. Do not take any extra rest between the 25s and 100s, or between the 100s and 25s. It was a challenge to figure out the sendoffs on the 100s, but at least this kept my mind off the fatigue.4 X 25 Body-Dolphin Fly on :303 X 100 IM 1st one on 2:00; 2nd one on 1:55; 3rd one on 1:504 X 25 Backstroke on :303 X 100 IM 1st one on 1:55; 2nd one on 1:50; 3rd on 1:453 X 25 Body-Dolphin Breast on :303 X 100 IM 1st one on 1:50; 2nd on 1:45; 3rd on 1:404 X 25 Free on :303 X 100 IM 1st one on 1:45; 2nd on 1:40; 3rd on 1:35WARMDOWN: 100100 EZ SwimTotal Yardage: 2100

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