12/02/04 CCB Masters Pyramid

Dec 2, 2004
12/02/04  CCB Masters Pyramid

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownWARMUP SET: 400Use a pull buoy throughout this set. Sendoffs are "floating." You should get 15 to 20 seconds rest between 50s.1 X 50 hand-lead dolphin kick (holding a pull buoy between thighs)1 X 50 Free pull1 X 50 head-lead flutter kick on your back, rotating side to side (with pull buoy)1 X 50 Free pull1 X 50 head-lead breast kick on your back, with pull buoy1 X 50 Free pull1 X 50 choice kick, with pull buoy1 X 50 Free pullMAIN SET: 1000/800 + 100Fastest two lanes do the complete pyramid. The slower lane does only one of the 200s. On the way up the pyramid, swim at an easy, relaxed pace. Take 30 seconds rest between swims. Get your times. You can swim any stroke, or IM. On the way down the pyramid, pick up the pace so that your times are faster than on the way up. The idea is to get a long warmup before you start to crank it up.1 X 501 X 1001 X 1501 X 200100 EZ recovery1 X 2001 X 1501 X 1001 X 50RELAYS!We had enough swimmers for relays today. Everyone wore fins for these, and each person did a 25. The winning team got to choose the stroke for the next relay.WARMDOWN: 100100 EZTotal Yardage: Approx. 2400

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