12/02-06 Saturday Practice "Satan Set" (Taper Group)

Dec 2, 2006
12/02-06  Saturday Practice "Satan Set" (Taper Group)

We have a 90-minute practice instead of 60 minutes on Saturday, so I wanted to try the "Satan Set" with the swimmers going to New England SCM Champs in mid December. The true Satan Set (6-6-6) is 6 X 100, all within 6 seconds of your best time or they don't count, and on 6:00 sendoff. We modified just a bit :)WARMUP: 1000Long, easy warmup, your choice.I did my usual, but extended it a bit to practice pulldowns:With fins:100 dolphin100 flutter100 dolphin100 free100 back200 breast kick all positions6 X 25 breast with fins and strapless paddles2 X 25 bresat with fins100 EZ freeMAIN SET: 18006 X 100 all out from the blocks, trying to swim within 6 seconds of your best time. [Best time 100 breast is 1:17.79, so I was shooting for 1:23 to 1:24.]Between each 100, we did 200 EZ pull recovery. We didn't start a new 100 until our pulse was in the 90 to 110 range. Our sendoff on the early 100s was about 7.5 minutes; on the later 100s it was about 8 minutes.[Went 1:26...1:24...1:23...1:24...1:24...1:23.] [Pulse rate AFTER the 100s crept up from 140 after the first one to about 165 after the final one.] WARMDOWN: 200 real EZTotal Yardage: 3000

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