12/05/06 UV Rays Masters Taper 50s

Dec 4, 2006
12/05/06 UV Rays Masters  Taper 50s

WARMUP: 400Your choice, but if you are attending the meet, you should start to develop the warm-up you will do at the meet – which means NO EQUIPMENT.TRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 Kick flutter kick on your back to mid pool, while doing SOMETHING to adjust your goggles. At mid pool, GRACEFULLY and smoothly transition to your stomach and swim freestyle to the wall. FLY SET: 200Do this with fins, on approx. :10 RI. Lane #1, if you don’t want to do whole-stroke Fly, you can substitute 2L/2R Fly.1 X 25: alternate 1 cycle FL/1 cycle BR1 X 25: 1 cycle 2L/2R FLY…switch to whole-stroke FL1 X 25: Karla drill (1L Fly…1R Fly…2 Breast with no breath)1 X 25: 1 cycle 2L/2R FLY…switch to whole-stroke FL1 X 25: 3 strokes FLY…switch to FR1 X 25: 1 cycle 2L/2R FLY…switch to whole-stroke FL2 X 25: Start with 8 FAST dolphins on your back…switch to EZ BKFREE SET: 1300Swimmers attending the meet do 3 X 150; all others do 9 X 150. Lane #1, do 9 X 75 instead of 9 X 150, but use the same pattern described below.9 X 150 choice, swum as 50 swim, 50 kick on your back, 50 swim#1, #4, #7 with fins#2, #5, #7 with pull buoy#3, #6, #9 no equipmentPULL SET: 4002 X 200 Freestyle pull, breathing every 2…every 5MEDLEY SET FOR MEET SWIMMERS: Approx. 400Swim 6 X 200 Medley Relay, using the blocks and rotating through the strokes. Take approximately 1-minute rest after each relay, then start again or… everyone can do an EASY 50 between relays, then start again. If you have time to do a 200 freestyle relay, go for it!WARMDOWN: 200200 choice, EZTotal Yardage: 2600

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