12/18/03 CCB Masters Something for Everyone

Dec 18, 2003
12/18/03  CCB Masters  Something for Everyone

12/18/03 CCB Masters Something for EveryoneWARMUP: 400With fins or without.Swim 400 choice on your own.WARMUP SET: 650With fins.Swim 3 rounds of the following:4 X 25 in IM order (Fly/Back/Breast/Free) on :30 sendoffNo matter what stroke you are swimming, start the length with 6 FAST underwater dolphin kicks into your breakout. Focus on sending your body FORWARD (rather than popping UP) on your breakout.1 X 100 IM on 2:00 sendoff (6 fast dolphins on each length is optional)50 EZ recovery before main setMAIN SET: 1100/850/600Fastest lane does the 100s; middle lane does the 75s; slower lane does the 50s.10 X 100 choiceFirst 3 are on 2:00. Second 3 are on 1:55. Third 3 are on 1:50. Last one is on 1:45.10 X 75 choiceFirst 3 are on 1:45. Second 3 are on 1:40. Third 3 are on 1:35. Last one is on 1:30.10 X 50 choiceFirst 3 on 1:30. Second 3 on 1:25. Third 3 on 1:20. Last one on 1:15.100 EZ recovery before final sets.FINAL SETS: 350With fins. All the lanes were done with the main set at about the same time, so we regrouped and did the rest of the workout together.10 X 25 freestyle, taking only 2 breaths per 25. On the final 25, try to take just 1 breath. Recovery is 5 bobs between each 25. Try to relax and stretch out, with perfect strokes.With fins.4 X 25 freestyle Odds: FAST freestyle (we raced each other, with two people in each lane pushing off at the same time) Evens: SUPER-EZ recovery back to the other end.WARMDOWN: 100+At least 100 EZ warmdownTotal Yardage: 2600/2350/2100

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