12/30/03 CCB Masters Twelve Sets of Christmas

Dec 30, 2003
12/30/03 CCB Masters  Twelve Sets of Christmas

12/30/03 CCB Masters Twelve Sets of ChristmasWhen I was in Ohio for Christmas, the Masters group that I swim with did a 5:15 am "Christmas-Eve" practice. It was written by Reg Kramer, with help from Barth Smith. It may look easy on paper, but several of the sets are tough because of the short sendoff. This seemed like a perfect practice for the CCB Masters team this morning, since most of us have not been swimming regularly over the holiday. Have fun with it!WARMUP: 400400 swim your choiceTWELVE MAIN SETS: 1800The sets are on the left; yardage for each set is on the right.12 strokes of Freestyle (stretch!) 2511 X 25 drilling (take turns choosingthe drill 27510 flipper 50s (on :10 RI) 5009 strokes of Butterfly 258 breaths for 50 507 pulls of Breaststroke (kicking OK) 256 50s pulling (on :10 RI) 3005 75s IM (with flippers) ODDS: FL/BK/BREVENS: BK/BR/FR 3754 minutes vertical kicking(Hold your flippers in the air and work down to the other end.) 253 short sprints 752 pullouts Breaststroke (before coming up) 25…and a 100 to cool yourself down 100Total Yardage: 1800, not including warmup

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