20-Yard Pool Practice One Mile of Breaststroke Kick (some with tether)

Nov 1, 2004
20-Yard Pool Practice    One Mile of Breaststroke Kick (some with tether)

Back in the Dark Ages, when I was an age-group swimmer, we didn't have goggles. So to spare our eyes, we did A LOT of kicking. Sometimes we even did a mile of kicking (lcm) on a board -- for time. I used to love to do that, but if I tried it now, my shoulders wouldn't survive. So today at the (20-yard) pool I thought I'd shoot for a mile of breaststroke kick, but do it with my body in a lot of different positions so that no one set of muscles would get over-stressed.WARMUP: 1200With fins. Swim three continuous rounds of:40 Head-Lead Body Dolphin40 Head-Lead Flutter Kick40 Head-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back40 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin40 6-Count Backstroke40 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back160 Drill "IM" (change the drills on each round)KICK SET: 1800In this set, I figure that 50 kicks against the tether + 20 yards assisted equals a 100 swim (and FEELS like a 200!).Swim two rounds of the following:* With a swim tether: 3 X (20 head-lead breaststroke kicks + 30 hand-lead breaststroke kicks + turn at the wall + 20 yards assisted breaststroke -- focus on pulling the hips forward and getting them up and over on the kick)* 200 breast kick with a board, focus on hips up and over* 200 with a pull buoy, alternating 20 breast kick on your back and 20 breast pull, focusing on recovering the hands over the water* 200 breast kick, alternating 20 under water + 20 Hand-Lead on Your Back + 20 Hand-Lead on Your Stomach + Head-Lead on Your Back + Head-Lead on Your StomachWARMDOWN: 40 EZ FreestyleTotal Yardage: 3000

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