9/16/03 CCB Masters 2s

Sep 16, 2003
9/16/03 CCB Masters  2s

9/16/03 CCB Masters Practice 2sWARMUP: ???With fins.Alternate 50 any Short-Axis drill with 50 any Long-Axis drill.We spent the first 15 minutes of practice working on underwater pullouts for breaststroke. First we practiced pushing off in streamline and rising to the surface. Next we added a pulldown to the streamlined glide -- rising to the surface with hands alongside legs. Then we practiced glide...pulldown...sneak the hands back to streamline...rise to the surface with NO KICK. Last, we practiced the whole thing: glide...pulldown...sneak the hands up...kick to the surface.MAIN SET: 1350Swim 3 rounds of the following:2 X 50 Freestyle @ :15 RI (Rest Interval)2 X 25 Breaststroke focus on good underwater pullout @ :10 RI2 X 50 Backstroke @ :15 RI2 X 25 Breaststroke2 X 50 swum as 25 Free + 25 Back2 X 25 BreaststrokeRound #1: With fistglovesRound #2: Nekked handsRound #3: With paddlesAll Rounds: Descend your time on each of the 50s.50 EZ1 X 100 Freestyle for time, from a push. You can wear any equipment you want. We had swimmers of roughly equal speed go head to head in their lanes. Everyone chose to wear fins. Times ranged from :56 to 1:08. I think a lot of people surprised themselves with how fast they could go. WARMDOWN: 100At least 100 EZ swim.Total Yardage: 1500, not including warmup

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