All Strokes - Physio Ball Dryland IM

Oct 18, 2011
All Strokes - Physio Ball Dryland IM

This week's drill features some different and fun ways to use a physio ball to work on technique for all your strokes.

Why Do It:
Fast hands and high elbows are two of the most important concepts in swimming, but are sometimes hard to grasp while you're swimming.   Practicing your strokes on land while bouncing a physio ball can help you get a better idea of what's needed in the water.

How to Do It:
 Grab a physio ball and start dribbling, just like you would with a basketball.  Left hand...right hand...left...right...left...right.
2.  Once you get a rhythm, start adding a freestyle stroke...without breaking your rhythm.  
3.  Try for a high-elbow recovery...and make sure you're finishing your stroke at the back.  
4.  Try 10 to 20 strokes of free, then go back to dribbling left, right, left right.
5.  To get ready for butterfly, start dribbling the ball with both hands at the same time.  
6.  Find your rhythm, then add a butterfly stroke...without breaking your rhythm.  Try for a straight-arm recovery, and you've gotta be quick.  Don't let your hands or arms get stuck at any point.
7.  Try 10 strokes of fly, then go back to bouncing left, right, left, right.
8.  Get ready for breaststroke, dribbling both hands at once.
9.  Then go for it.  Breaststroke with the  physio ball requires super-fast hand speed.  
10.  Get the speed, then build the technique with nice high elbows.
11.  Return to left, right, left right, then hold the physio ball with both hands for backstroke.
12.  Plant your feet, lean back slightly, and swing the ball down and up...side to side.
13.  Work the hips and obliques.  You'll also feel it in your thighs.
14.  Visualize a bent-arm pull that pushes a massive amount of water toward the other end of the pool.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Try the sequence several times, becoming more and more aware of your technique rather than just hitting the ball.  Quick hands and high elbows are key in all these movements.

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