Breaststroke - Head-Lead Kick on Stomach

Mar 16, 2007
Breaststroke - Head-Lead Kick on Stomach

Head-Lead Kick gives your shoulders a rest, and helps you add more hip movement to your breaststroke.

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Why Do It:

Kicking on a board can be tough on the shoulders, and can leave you with a rather flat breaststroke.

Head-Lead Breast Kick will give your shoulders a break, AND it allows you to work on several things:

- your sense of timing and flow

- hiding your feet on the recovery or draw

- and adding more hip movement to your breaststroke.

How To Do It:

1. Start with a streamline pushoff and your normal breaststroke pulldown.

2. Leave the arms at your sides, as you rise up to the surface and into your first breath.

3. Continue to kick breaststroke, but with your arms at your sides.

4. Take a breath after every kick.

As your head and torso rise up for air, the feet should still be together and you should feel as if you are DRAWING the feet into the recovery. The feet and legs should remain hidden behind the torso as you come up for air.

After a quick breath, your head goes back in the water. The feet separate� and the kick begins.

Watch how the kick DRIVES the swimmer forward.

The chest goes down and the hips ride up and over the water as the kick is delivered.

How To Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):

If your timing is right, and if you do this drill with a big hip motion, the feet should come slightly out of the water as you finish the kick. Let this happen, and keep your toes pointed.

See if you can touch your heels to your fingertips during the kick. This will help keep your kick narrow and hidden.

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