Congratulations, Karlyn!

Jul 13, 2007
Congratulations, Karlyn!

Congratulations to Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen! Since March of 2007, Karlyn has been busy breaking records in the US, France, England, and Mexico. So far this year she has set 13 FINA world records (7 short course and 6 long course) and 17 short-course-yard USMS national records for the 45-49 age group. To date, Karlyn has established a total of 160 world records.

How does she do it? You can study Karlyn's stroke from every angle in her 60-minute DVD, Go Swim Freestyle with Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen. Learn what Karlyn does... that you can incorporate into your own stroke.

Karlyn's recent individual world records:

200 freestyle: 2:11.44
100 backstroke: 1:10.28
200 backstroke: 2:30.97
200 IM: 2:31.06
100 butterfly: 1:06.96

200 freestyle: 2:08.81
50 backstroke: 31.29
200 backstroke: 2:24.01
100 butterfly: 1:06.42
200 IM: 2:27.57
400 IM: 5:14.73

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