Free/Back - Tempo-Trainer Flutter Kick

Sep 23, 2008
Free/Back - Tempo-Trainer Flutter Kick

 Here’s a fun drill that tests the upper limit of your flutter kick...and the lower limit of your Tempo Trainer. 

Why Do It:
A quick and compact flutter kick is essential for fast swimming.

But if you want to have an outboard motor driving your freestyle or backstroke, it won’t happen by accident.  You have to train for it, and that’s where the Tempo Trainer comes in.

How to Do It:
For this drill, let’s take the Tempo Trainer down to its lowest-possible setting -- point two zero.  As you can hear, it’s beeping crazy fast -- at 5 beats per second.  

Once you’ve got it set at point two zero, slip the Tempo Trainer under your cap and put on some fins.  Then strap yourself in for a very wild ride. 

Push off on your back, with arms in streamline, and try to match your kick to the beep.  One kick.   

Keep it going for a full length, then take a break.  This is a very intense drill, so use it only for short distances and short sets.  

Kick back with some easy dolphin to your starting point...

... then try it again.  

The Fine Points (How to Do It Really Well):
Once you get the hang of it with fins, try a few 25s with no fins.  You’ll automatically discover some fine points for doing the drill:  keep your streamline as tight as possible...keep your kick narrow and compact...and keep your knees fairly straight.

Finish your kick session with a few 25s of freestyle, trying to incorporate a more intense kick into the whole stroke.

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