Freestyle Rotation Set and Changing-Pace Set

Apr 10, 2008
Freestyle Rotation Set and Changing-Pace Set

 WARMUP:  400

WARMUP/DRILL SET:  450 + 50/300 + 50
(Beginner lane does 4 X 75.)
6 X 75 with fins on approx. :20 rest interval
Each 75 is swum as 50 of free/back combo (4 strokes backstroke/3 strokes freestyle) + 25 back or 25 free (alternate during the set).  Your focus is clean and smooth rotation on the combo drill and building this rotation into the length of swim.  When you roll from free to back or back to free, make sure one arm is fully extended.  Take your time on the set.  Feel long and stretched out.

50 dolphin kick recovery

MAIN SET:  1500/1100
Beginner lane does the entire set except do only 4 X 100 instead of 8 X 100.
4 X 25 stroke (not free), start with low stroke count and add one stroke on each 25

50 easy kick, recovery

4 X 25 same stroke as before.  Start with high stroke count and take away one stroke on each 25.

50 easy kick, recovery

8 X 100 freestyle with fins on a sendoff that gives 20 to 25 seconds rest
#1:  last 25 is FAST
#2:  3rd 25 is FAST
#3:  2nd 25 is FAST
#4: 1st 25 is FAST
#5:  last 50 is FAST
#6:  middle 50 is FAST
#7:  first 50 is FAST
#8:  entire 100 is FAST (for time)

100 EZ recovery, choice

8 X 25 freestyle with pull buoy, breathing every 4 or 5 strokes.  Focus on relaxed, full exhale that starts as soon as your head returns from getting air.  Do 3 bobs recovery after each 25.

1 X 100 choice for time, your choice of equipment


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