Go Swim Open Water with Fran Crippen

Apr 20, 2011
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Go Swim Open Water with Fran Crippen

Beautiful Tribute to Fran Crippen:  Beyond Limit:  A Friend And Competitor Tries To Make Sense Of The Loss Of A Swimming Star

In Go Swim Open Water, 6-time USA national champion and World Championship medalist Fran Crippen shares his key technique "secrets" for fast freestyle, and explains how to master the skills you need when swimming in open water.

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Whether you're a beginning swimmer contemplating your first triathlon, or an experienced triathlete or open-water swimmer, this video will improve your technique and give you skills and strategies to lead you to a new level of efficiency and confidence.

Discover Fran's 5 key focus points for fast, efficient freestyle (covers how to stay long and smooth, improve your catch and pull, develop a more effective kick, tweak your body position, and train for distance and speed).

Learn Fran's techniques and strategies for swimming in open water, including:
* Race starts from the beach or from in the water
* Dolphin diving and getting through the waves
* Sighting, and how to turn at the buoys
* Drafting, passing, staying aware, and reading the pack
* Finishing strong

Learn how to practice open-water skills in the pool.

Each focus point is illustrated from multiple angles -- side, head-on, below, and rear -- and from above and below the surface.

Slow-motion and freeze-frame footage allows you to zoom in on key moves and really see how to do them.

FRAN CRIPPEN has ben swimming in open water for more than two decades.  After an illustrious career in the pool (2-time USA National Champion in the 800-meter freestyle), Fran turned to open-water racing and achieved instant success.  In his first-ever open-water race (2006 Pan Pacific Championships), Fran won a silver medal in the 10K.  In 2007, he was the Pan Am Games gold medalist in the 10K, and in 2009 he captured a bronze medal in the 10K World Championships.  He has won four additional USA National Championships...twice each in both the 5K and 10K open-water events...and was the authoritative figure on open-water swimming in the United States until his tragic death at the World Open-Water Championships held in the UAE in 2010. 

GO SWIM OPEN WATER was written, filmed, and produced by the team of GLENN MILLS, a member of the 1980 Olympic Swim Team and currently a Masters world-record holder, and BARBARA HUMMEL, veteran of two Olympic Trials and currently a coach and world Top-Ten Masters swimmer.  

Running Time:  Approximately 60 minutes
Copyright © 2010 by Go Swim Productions, LLC.  All rights reserved.

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