Happy New Year 2004

May 10, 2004
Happy New Year 2004

Happy New Year, Everyone!

New Year� Day is traditionally a time when swimmers with a lot of time on their hands (and lots of football to look forward to) get together and do a mega-yardage workout � usually with a lot of repetitive intervals.� For example, you can bet that a lot of swimmers will be welcoming 2004 with 204 X 100 on a 2:04 sendoff.� Ouch.�

To help you welcome the New Year in a more interesting way, we�ve assembled five different practices from five different coaches.�� They range in yardage from 2250 to 6600, and include 25s, 50s, 400s, and just about everything in between.� They call for long rhythm and sprinting, drills, and all kinds of equipment.� In short, they�re FUN, and guaranteed to get your swimming off to a good start in 2004.�

We wish all of you�re a healthy, peace-filled, and FAST 2004.� GO SWIM in the New Year!

Your friends at Go Swim.

Barbara's Practice

Glenn's Practice

Coach Black's Practice

Don Walsh's Practice

Wooster Ohio Practice

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