IM 50s and Cords

Jun 18, 2009
IM 50s and Cords

 Here's an IM and cords set that I did this morning in a 25-meter pool.

3 X 50 breaststroke on the cord (made it to within a few yards of the end, then used the laneline to pull myself to the wall, turned and swam back assisted)

Four times through, on 1:05 sendoff (10-15 seconds rest):
50 Fly
50 Back
50 Fly/Back

Repeat the 3 X 50 breaststroke on the cord.

Four times through, on 1:05 (15 seconds rest on the breaststroke):
50 whole-stroke breast with a pull buoy, focus on fast hands
50 freestyle pull, focus on connecting core to catch
50 breast/free with a pull buoy

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