LTS - Tuck-and-Extend Front Balance

Feb 3, 2006
LTS - Tuck-and-Extend Front Balance

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Why Do It:
Tuck and Extend takes Free Float one step further. It helps build confidence and body awareness in the water. And it will help you trust that the water will support you if you relax and let the water do the work.


How To Do It:
Stand in the shallow end and bend forward so that the water is at your armpits. Let your hands and arms float on the water.

Take a deep breath and hold it, as you lift your feet gently off the bottom and tuck up your knees. As you tuck up your knees, reach down with your hands and place them lightly below your knees. You want to hold yourself in a loose �ball.�

Keep holding your breath and your knees. You�ll probably tip forward a bit when you go into a ball, but don�t let go of your knees. Just ride it out. Your body will readjust and find a balance point, and you should bob lightly at the surface.

Keep holding your breath. Once you find your balance point, slowly and gently extend your arms and legs. Let the water support your hands, arms, back, and legs. If your legs start to sink a bit, that� OK. Just focus on floating your back and arms.

After you extend your arms and legs, gently return to a loose ball. If you need air at this point, let go of your knees and let your legs sink to the bottom and stand up. If you are like Liza and have INCREDIBLE breath control, you can do another cycle of extend and tuck. Or another�and another. This was only Liza� third time ever in the pool and she was really getting into this drill!

How To Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Keep your hand and arm movements steady and relaxed.

Keep your entire body relaxed and let the water do all the work.

Enjoy the feeling of bobbing gently on the surface.

PS Liza says 'Hi, and Look, Mom!' to her mother in the Philippines.

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