Main Set Monday - August 15, 2011

Aug 15, 2011
Main Set Monday - August 15, 2011

Lots of opportunity to work on technique aspects in each stroke, with a mixed bag of 200s and 25s.

Total:  2100 yards/meters

Continuous 300 with fins.  Rotate 4 times through:
25 finger-tip drag; focus on making a long clean "trail"
25 freestyle; focus on a fast hand recovery (move quickly from hand exit to hand entry)
25 flutter kick on your back

1 X 200 pull; use a different breathing pattern every 50, giving yourself a bit more air on each 50

8 X 25 flutter kick using a kickboard (fins optional)
Odd 25s:  Kick on your stomach; on the final 12.5, hold the board up like a "tombstone"
Even 25s:  Flutter kick on your back; hold you kickboard in the air

1 X 200 swim; breathe equally to right and left

8 X 25 pulse breaststroke with fins 
Start each length with 2 or 3 underwater dolphin kicks rather than a breaststroke pullout.  On each length, pull and breathe every 4 dolphins, then 3, then 2, then 1 until you reach the end.  When you're pulling and breathing every dolphin, focus on FAST HANDS and being quick and aggressive about getting your hands and arms into extension

1 X 200 backstroke (fins optional); pick one or two focus points (e.g., not over-reaching, quick hand exit, flowing right into your turn after you roll to your stomach

8 X 25 freestyle with fins, taking only two breaths maximum.  Focus on swimming absolutely STRAIGHT down the pool.  No unnecessary head, shoulder, or body motion.

1 X 200 choice of equipment and stroke; negative split this one (i.e., second 100 should be faster than first 100).

8 X 25 with fins
Odd 25s:  DOlphin kick on your back
Evens:  1L/1R/1 whole-stroke fly...1L/1R/2w-s fly...1L/1R/3w-s fly...1L/1R/4 w-s fly, by 25

1 X 200 IM with fins...25 drill + 25 swim in each stroke

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