Main Set Monday -- Birthday Butterfly

Jun 23, 2014
Main Set Monday -- Birthday Butterfly

This one’s for Reemi, who asked us to create a butterfly set for her birthday swim.

Happy Birthday, Reemi!  You are a strong one if you can get through this!

WARMUP:  10 minutes on your own

8 X 25 “fly” on :40 or :45  “Fly” means butterfly drill as follows:
#1:  1L/1 whole-stroke fly/1R
#2:  1L/2 whole-stroke fly/1 R
#3:  1-3-1 drill, etc., up to 1-8-1

MAIN SET:  1800
Fins are optional throughout the set.

Key module:
8 X 25 fly on :40 or :45
#1 = 5 strokes butterfly then finish the length with freestyle
#2 = 6 strokes butterfly –> freestyle
#3 = 7 strokes butterfly –> freestyle
#4-#8 = add 1 stroke of fly on each 25 up to a max of 12 strokes
50 easy recovery, including 1 stroke of fly!

Each round of the key module gives you 69 strokes of butterfly (assuming you do not take fewer than 12 strokes of fly to complete a 25).

Start your main set with two rounds of the key module (total of 500).

6 X 50 freestyle or free/back

Then swim one round of your key module.

6 X 75 on a sendoff/turnaround that gives 20-25 seconds rest
Each 75 = Fly/Back/Breast; each fly length is 6 strokes fly, then finish the length with freestyle

50 easy recovery

Then swim one final round of your key module.

Include some double-arm backstroke to unwind.

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