Main Set Monday - Knee Your Chin!

Sep 17, 2012
Main Set Monday - Knee Your Chin!

Single focus today...getting the knees to the chin on all turns (flip and open).   Before you get to the pool or before you get in the water, check out these video clips for great visuals and inspiration:

Turns - Knee Your Chin!

Dave Denniston Advanced Turn Drill

Steve Haufler World's Best Drill for Improving Your Open Turns

WARMUP:  400 on your own

Spend 2-3 minutes practicing getting your knees to your chin, with one of the drills shown in the above video clips.
6 X 25 on :45; start each 25 from a layout position (2 hands on the wall, eyes and head DOWN, arms and legs extended).  It's your choice what stroke to do after you execuute the open turn at the start of the 25.  Bring your knees to the chin!

8 X 50 on 1:00 (25 Free + 25 Backstroke); focus on getting knees to chin on your flip turns

4 X 75 on 1:30; focus on knees to chin on the turns.  When you transition from freestyle to breaststroke, do a two-handed touch.  Here's a video to show how to do this.
Odd 75s:  Free/Breast/Free
Even 75s:  Breast/Free/Breast

PULL SET:  500
4 X 125 pull; focus on getting knees to cin on the flip turns

IM SET:  600
Three times through the following (total of 12 X 50); focus on getting knees to chin on ALL turns.  As an extra challenge, try dropping your sendoff/turnaround on each round, e.g., 1:00 on first round, :50 on second round, and :40 on third round.
1 X 50 Fly/Back
1 X 50 Back/Back
1 X 50 Breast/Free
1 X 50 Free/Free

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