Main Set Thursday - Beginner Lane Breast & Flips

Jun 21, 2012
Main Set Thursday - Beginner Lane Breast & Flips

Working on breaststroke kick and flip turns with the "technique group" today.

WARMUP:  10 minutes on your own

8 X 25 with fins; first 4 are on :35 sendoff; second 4 are on :30 sendoff
Odd 25s:  Dolphin kick on your back
Even 25s:  Flutter kick on your back

For those with legal breaststroke kick:
4 X 25 breaststroke kick on your back, trying to touch heels to fingertips
2 X 25 breaststroke with an extra kick (hold streamling until you finish both kicks)
4 X 25 breaststroke with legal UW pullout

While the "legal-kick" group does the above, those just learning the breaststroke kick (and with ankles and knees that need a lot of reducation), did the following sequence:
1.  Practice breaststroke kick while sitting on the edge of the pool.
2.  Practice breaststroke kick while hanging on the wall and holding the belly against the wall.
3.  Practice breaststroke kick while sitting astride a noodle (photo TK).

FLIP-TURN SET:  300 + 200
For those with a solid grasp of how to do a flip turn without using the arms:
3 X 50 (25 Free + 25 Backstroke), doing a straight-over flip turn and pushing off on the back
3 X 50 Backstroke, executing a back/free flip turn 

While the "flip-turn" group does the above, those just learning the flip turn (and those using their arms) did the following sequence:
1.  Practice somersaults while holding a pull buoy in each hand, with hands at thighs (arms DOWN).
2.  Practice somersaults without holding the pull buoys.  Focus on not using the hands to assist the somersault.
3.  Practice somersaults swimming from the flags into the wall.  Don't use the hands to assist!
NOTE:  For a 5-step progression for learning the flip turn, check out this Go Swim series.

Then, all swimmers  do:
4 X mid-pool 50s (2 opportunities to do a flip turn on each 50); choice of backstroke or freestyle

Swimmers wear fins and use a 2-pound med ball, staying in the deep end of the pool.  One swimmer holds the medball out of the water for 5 seconds, then passes it to the next swimmer, etc.  When you don't have the medball, keep the hands out of the water.   Toss the medball like this for 2 minutes, then keep passing the medball as the entire group makes its way down the pool and back.

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