Main Set Thursday -- Boot Camp 2

May 30, 2013
Main Set Thursday -- Boot Camp 2

Boot camp is always a favorite with masters. Do you think they have hula hoops in the Army?WARMUP: 400 on your ownWARMUP SET: 400Grab some buddies for a 200 pace-line draft, switching places at each 50.

MAIN SET: Approx. 1400Twice through the following:1 X 200Swim half a length, do a flip turn, and come back to the starting wall. Climb out and start your 200 from a dive. On the first length of your 200, you need to sight at least three times. After the first 25, settle into a pace you think you could sustain for the duration of a long swim.2 X 25 freestyle, breathing every 3, 5, or 7 (mix it up!)Kick a 50 (choice of kick and equipment), pushing a water-polo ball with each hand2 X 25 breathing every 3, 5, or 7

Twice through the following:2 X 50Start each 50 with some dryland (we held plank for 10 deep breaths...approximately 30 seconds). Then dive in to start the 50.4 X 25 breathing every 3, 5, or 7 (mix it up!)30 seconds hula hoop Option 2: Hold the hula hoop above your head and do 30 seconds of side-to-side stretchingOnce through the following:Get in a lane with 3-5 buddies for some triathlon 50s.First swimmer swims with a water-polo ball to the far flags and becomes a buoy (holding the ball out of the water with both hands while kicking in place). When he's in place, the others start swimming one at a time and execute a one-armed turn around the "buoy" and return to the starting wall. When final swimmer clears the buoy, the buoy falls in behind them and swims back with the water-polo ball. On the next 50, a different swimmer becomes the buoy. Etc., until all swimmers have been the buoy.

Finish with Boot Camp Kick ContestTwo swimmers pair up and share one kickboard. Starting at mid pool, the two swimmers kick against each other until they can no longer continue, or until there's a "winner."


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