Main Set Thursday - Halloween!

Oct 31, 2013
Main Set Thursday - Halloween!

For a very scary Halloween workout you will need:

1 small pumpkin for every 4 or 5 swimmers12+ small apples1 oversized T-shirt for every 4 or 5 swimmersOptional:  Glow sticks or glow necklaces for the Visit to the Underworld

WARMUP:  400 on your own

TRICK-OR-TREAT WARMUP SET:  2008 X 25 freestyle on :35Odds:  No breathing for the first 6 strokesEvens:  No breathing from flags to finish

PUMPKIN-PASS/IM SWIM:  200Divide all swimmers into 2 teams.  Team #1 does pumpkin pass while Team #2 does a 50 Fly.  When all members of Team #2 finish their 50 Fly, they do pumpkin pass while Team #1 swims a 50 Fly.  Repeat until both teams have done 1 X 50 in each stroke.

STANDARD SET:  ???4 swims on 1:30.  Your choice of distance, stroke (or kick), and equipment.  Just make the sendoff.

SCULL & BONES:  1503 X 50#1:  Feet-first scull on your back, pushing a pumpkin with your feet.#2:  Kick on your back, while using Styrofoam noodles as “clackers.”#3:  Scull of choice

MUMMY RELAY:  50Divide into 2 or more teams.Each swimmer wears a T-shirt but you can’t put your arms through the sleeves, i.e., keep them at your sides.  Each team member kicks a 50.

GREAT PUMPKIN MEDLEY RELAYBackstroke:  Swim or kick on your back, holding pumpkin above waterBreaststroke:  Swim breaststroke with an apple under your chinButterfly:  Swim any stroke or style on your stomach or side, with a pumpkinFreestyle:  Swim freestyle while holding an apple in each hand

VISIT TO THE UNDERWORLD:  1004 X 25 on :45For added excitement, wear a glow necklace around your neck or hold a glow stick while swimming.  On each 25, get to the middle of the pool any way you want…but under water.  Finish the length by swimming to the wall.

CORPSE-PUSHING PARTNER:  50Find a partner.  One partner swims backstroke.  The other partner is on his/her back with his feet on the head of the swimmer, and with his arms folded over his chest.   ox—<o/—<javascript:void(0);/1383165216239/


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