Main Set Thursday - September 22, 2011

Sep 22, 2011
Main Set Thursday - September 22, 2011

Lots of 125s today -- getting ready for our SCM meet in a SCY pool.  This one pleased both the distance swimmers and the sprinters.  Some of the distance swimmers stayed and did the set twice.

WARMUP:  at least 600 yards

MAIN SET:  1875
Think and pre-plan before you start!  Use the same sendoff throughout the entire set.   Our fastest swimmers chose a 2:00 sendoff, and this accomodated quite a variety of swimmers...from those going sub 1:30 on the up-tempo swims to those going 1:40 on the up-tempo swims.  Intermediate swimmers were generally on 2:15 and the slower lanes (we don't say "slow" on our team!) were on 2:30.  

15 X 125 choice, but swim the same stroke (or IM or stroke pattern) on the up-tempo swims so that you can compare your times.  Every 3rd 125 is up tempo (roughtly 200 race pace), and you should try to descend the up-tempo swims.  Choose a sendoff that will give you 15-30 seconds rest on the slower swims, and 20-35 seconds rest on the up-tempo swims.

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