Main Set Tuesday - 16 X 125

Sep 18, 2012
Main Set Tuesday - 16 X 125

This set requires focus and attention to pacing to achieve the goal of descending your times throughout the set.  It also requires that you do some math while you're swimming to figure out your sendoffs.  If you have a mental lapse on the sendoffs, it's easy to get "lost in space" on this set, so pay attention to the clock!

The purpose of doing 125s is to help our swimmers get ready for SCM meets while training in a SCY pool.

MAIN SET:  2000
16 X 125 choice, but you should do the same stroke or stroke pattern throughout the set so that you can compare times.  E.g., you might swim eash 125 as 25 free/25 breast/25 free/25 breast/25 free.

Start with a sendoff that gives approximately 10 seconds rest (aerobic pace).  Every two 125s, add :05 to your sendoff.  You will be getting more rest as the set progresses, so your swim times should get faster as the set progresses.  

2 X 125 on 2:00
2 X 125 on 2:05
2 X 125 on 2:10
2 X 125 on 2:15
2 X 125 on 2:20
2 X 125 on 2:25
2 X 125 on 2:30
2 X 125 on 2:35 

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