Main Set Tuesday - Boot Camp!

Apr 30, 2013
Main Set Tuesday - Boot Camp!

Working on a few triathlon skills today:  pace-line drafting; sighting; starting from “zero;” and how to settle into a sustainable pace after pushing the pace to the first buoy.

Before you begin, set up some dryland stations on deck.   A few exercise mats are good (or kickboards if you don’t have mats).  Other items might include:  physio ball for crunches, hula hoops, med balls, jump ropes.

WARMUP:  400 on your own

Grab some buddies for a 200 pace-line draft.  Leader becomes the caboose at each 50.

MAIN SET:  1700-2000
5 X 200
Start each 200 with approx. 30 seconds of dryland.  For example:  10 pushups or crunches or jumping jacks, 30 seconds of hula hoop, 30 seconds holding plank, 30 seconds jump rope.  Then dive into the water and swim FAST to the other end.  This is not an all-out sprint!  Keep it fast but under control.  After 25 yards, settle into a pace that you think you could sustain for the duration of a long swim.  Check your pulse after each 200.  You should be in your aerobic zone, and not at threshold.   If your pulse is above ~130, slow down on your next 200.  If you want to do the 200s with a pull buoy (to minic your wetsuit), that’s OK.

200 recovery swim…anything but freestyle.  FIns and kicking are OK.

9 (or 7 or 5) X 100 at sustainable, aerobic pace
Odd 100s:  Start by taking a few strokes, then flip and return to your initial wall to start your “official” 100.
Even 100s:  Choice of pull or swim, but you should practice your sighting at least 3 times on the second and fourth length.


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