Main Set Tuesday - January 17, 2012

Jan 17, 2012
Main Set Tuesday - January 17, 2012

Descend 200s with active recovery  Another good practice if you're prepping for the One Hour Swim.

MAIN SET:  2700
I did this with small paddles and the Finis PDF fins.  But you could use any combination of equipment -- or no equipment

Three times through:

1 X 800 continuous, non-stop swim, done as 200 freestyle + 100 FRIM + 200 freestyle + 100 FRIM + 200 freestyle.

1 X 100 easy recovery, choice

Your goal is to descend your time on each of the 200s within the 800.  Use the 100s FRIM as active recovery.  FRIM = IM, substituting FReestyle for Butterfly.  You will need to peek at the clock at the appropriate times so that you can get your time on each 200 free.  Don't worry about your time on the FRIMs.  This is just a ho-hum swim if you don't get your times and if you don't attempt to get the descends.

A secondary goal:  Descend your time on the final 200 from round 1 through round 3.  

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