Main Set Tuesday - Working on Pace

Sep 24, 2013
Main Set Tuesday - Working on Pace

Working on pace today…in various ways.   When you’re asked to negative-split a swim, it means that the second half of the swim should be faster than the first half.  So you need to pay attention to the pace clock during the swim and not just at the end.   The easiest way to determine if you succeeded at negative-splitting is to get your time at the halfway point (foot touch on the turn is the most accurate) and then, while you’re swimming, figure out what your total time will be if you simply double your time.  E.g., you swim the first 200 of a 400 in 3 minutes.  If you double your time, you’d end up with 6 minutes, so if you come in UNDER 6 minutes you’ve negative-split your swim.

MAIN SET:  1900
Throughout the set, the longer swims are choice, but you should do the same thing on the “back half” as you do on the “front half.”

1 X 400; negative-split by at least 5 seconds; pace yourself!

4 X 50 choice on a sendoff/turnaround that gives approx. 20 seconds rest; descend 1-4

1 X 300; negative split by at least 5 seconds

4 X 50 as before; it’s OK to change stroke and sendoff

1 X 200; negative split

4 X 50 as before

3 X 125 on a sendoff/turnaround that gives approx. 30 seconds rest; descend 1-3 AND do these as “back-half” swims, i.e., pick up the pace on the last 50.

25 easy recovery

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