Main Set Wednesday - Drill & Kick Practice

Sep 5, 2012
Main Set Wednesday - Drill & Kick Practice

Our pool was closed for 9 days for renovation, so everyone is a little out of shape.  To protect everyone's shoulders, we've been starting each practice with some dryland shoulder exercises, and using drills and kicking when in the pool.   Here's what we did today.

WARMUP:  400 on your own

8 X 25 freestyle on moderate sendoff
#1:  Swim with exaggerated crossover (arms go across the centerline)
#2:  Swim with exaggerated wide hand entry
#3 & 4:  Half a length crossover...half a length wide hand entry
#5 & 6:  Half a length head-out freestyle...half a length with head in...all with wide hand entry
#7 & 8:  Freestyle with awareness of where your hands are entering
NOTE:  To see this "contrast" drill and many others, check out Go Swim All Strokes with Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen.

MAIN SET:  1600
Swim two rounds of all of the following:

4 X 50 kick (fins optional); vary the height of your feet 1-4
#1:  Keep the feet below the surface (no splash)
#2:  Keep the feet right at the surface (hint of splash)
#3:  Keep the feet just above the surface (splash)
#4:  Keep the feet high out of the water (lots of splash and air)

200, alternating 25 double-arm backstroke and 25 easy breaststroke focus on exhaling

4 X 50 freestyle or backstroke; increase speed 1-4, but get your increased speed from the kick rather than the arms.  Focus on your FEET, not on your arms, to drive and control the stroke.

200 freestyle pull, focus on not crossing the centerline.

WARMDOWN:  200 choice

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