Main Set Wednesday - February 9, 2011

Feb 9, 2011
Main Set Wednesday - February 9, 2011

Working on pace and turn technique today.  Here's what we did with the Masters team, but it works for swimmers of any age and ability.  Performance is enhanced if Coach can keep track of everyone's 200 times on a whiteboard or chalkboard :)


5 to 10 minutes of working on freestyle turn technique.  Today the two focus points are:  1) looking for your knees throughout the turn and 2) turning the palms to help initiate the tuck.   For great video on how to execute these two focus points, pick up a copy of Go Swim Freestyle with Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen or Go Swim the 7 Competitive Turns with Steve Haufler.

MAIN SET:  1500 or 1800
Faster swimmers do 6 rounds of the following; slower swimmers do 5 rounds.  Descend time on the 200s.  Use the 25s as active recovery and to reinforce good streamlining the stroke length before you attempt another 200.

1 X 200 free, except that the 7th length is backstroke.  Count your strokes during the 200 so that by the end of the 200 you know your average stroke count per 25.  Your average count = "N."

4 X 25 freestyle @ N minus 2 strokes.  Use 3 or 4 bobs as recovery between 25s.

8 X 25
Odds:  Double-Arm Backstroke
Evens:  Breaststroke, maximum distance per stroke

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