Main Set Wednesday -- Happy Hanukkah!

Dec 12, 2012
Main Set Wednesday -- Happy Hanukkah!

Having a little fun during Hanukkah with Barbara's masters team.

WARMUP:  400 on your own

Right-to-left snake.  Use 4 lanes.  All swimmers start at the far right of the right-most lane and snake their way right to left, up and back, until they finish at the far left of the left-most lane.

MAIN SET:  1800
Each swimmer gets to use 5 items of equipment during practice, but there's a slight twist.  One fin = one piece of equipment.  One paddle or Styrofoam noodle = one piece of equipment.   The idea is that you'll be swimming lopsided a few times during practice.  

Before lighting each candle (we used the white board to draw a big menorah), one swimmer spins the dreidel to determine what equipment everyone will wear during that "candle."
N = No equipment
G = Wear everything...all 5 items
H = Wear any 3 items
S = Wear any 1 item (you can make substitutions during the set of 50)

Candle #1 = 1 X 50
Candle #2 = 2 X 50
Candle #3 = 3 X 50
Candle #4 = 4 X 50
Candle #5 = 5 X 50
Candle #6 = 6 X 50
Candle #7 = 7 X 50
Candle #8 = 8 X 50

Some creative ways to use your equipment:

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